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Elder Charles Henry McNeece, Sr.

Memorial for Elder Charles Henry McNeece, Sr.

Born in Belton, Texas on Aug. 2, 1912
Departed on Apr. 24, 2010 and resided in Austin, TX.
Visitation: Friday, Apr. 30, 2010
12 pm - 6:00 pm
Service: Saturday, May 1, 2010
11:00 am
Cemetery: Cook Walden Capital Parks
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A Time to Be Born
August 2, 1912 Charles Henry McNeece and Drucilla Harrison McNeece became the very happy parents of a bouncing baby boy in Belton, Texas. They named him Charles Henry McNeece. He was the oldest of six children being reared in the atmosphere of a sanctified home. He has had many experiences while growing up. His father had a farm and raised cotton, so he learned how to pick and chop cotton, gather corn, raise turkeys, ducks, chickens, eggs, and watermelon.

Formative Years in the Ministry
In 1920 during a Wednesday evening prayer meeting at the home of Mother Maude Jackson, Charles Mcneece, at the tender age of 8, was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.

In 1921 at nine years old he was water baptized at a Spring Workers Meeting in Temple, Texas. Bishop C. H. Mason, founder of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Galloway, Bishop Paige, Father MItchell, Pastor B.J. Woods, Pastor D. C. Littlefield, and many others were there. Later that year in November, Charles McNeece attended the National Convocation for the first time in Memphis, Tennessee. Superintendent McNeece has attended every National Convocation since the age of nine, until the year of 2010, when his health began to fail.

On July 8, 1924 a twelve (12) year old received the opportunity to preach at the State Convention Summer Convocation in Waco, Texas. Being short in stature, he stood on an apple box to preach his first sermon. In those times the meeting lasted 12 days. There were many in attendance such as Pastor R. E. Ranger, Pastor E.M. Wilson, Pastor E.E. Hamilton, his father C.H. McNeece and Pastor F.V. Ford (the oldest Pastor in attendance at the Convocation).

June 30, 1929, Charles Henry McNeece graduated from Midway High School (located between Belton and Temple, Texas). In September 1929, he matriculated at Sam Houston College (now Huston-Tillotson University) in Austin, Texas for four years majoring and minoring in Agriculture and Pastoral Theology. Elder McNeece held two secular jobs in his lifetime. for four years he taught school at Central Texas Vocational School in Waco, Texas and he also worked for Mr. Davis, the owner of a JC Penney store. For many years, loving God's people and giving unselfishly has been a part of his motto which is "Everybody is Somebody."

Family Life
He worked and took care of his mother and siblings and yet today a leader just the same. He met and married his first wife of 39 years, Mable Grant McNeece and to this union three (3) children were born. After her demise, he met amd married Lila Sutphen McNeece of Gladewater, Texas. One (1) child was born to this union, and two (2) children were added. Syuperintendent McNeece has been married to Lila Sutphen McNeece for over thirty-six (36) years. When his father passed, the responsibility was thrusted upon him to be the leader of the family.

Pastoral Journey
Elder Charles McNeece has always been a servant, diligently working for the Lord, loving and helping people no matter who they were. As his appointment to Superintendent, his mission never changed. Superintendent McNeece has continued to fulfill the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ insturcting many souls in the wisdom and knowledge of God, and the way of Holiness. Superintendent McNeece, through God's help has counseled many, performed many wedding ceremonies, as well as renewed wedding vows, assisted many with legal issues, visisted the sick, and performed the funeral ceremonies for many. As a servant for the Lord, under his leadership many were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Anointed by God to Perform Miracles
Superintendent McNeece was used numerous times as a Messenger to share in the miraculous healing of God. In Sulphur Springs, Texas many witnessed the miracle of God using Superintendent McNeece to raise Edna Williams from the dead. Sister Williams died during a church service. In those days there was no 911 telephone service, so the undertaker was called and she was pronounced dead. After lying dead from early morning until 6:00 p.m. that evening the mortician was preparing to take her to the mortuary when Superintendent McNeece, at the direction of the Spirit of god, told the mortician to not move or take her. The mortician and the coroner were somewhat alarmed and concerned with his declaration. Superintendent McNeece began to pray and Edna Williams' life was restored by God. Praise God!! Mrs. Ruthie May Watson was another person that died in church while singing in the choir. Many people were in attendance at the church service. Superintendent McNeece quieted the congregation with authority, then Ms. Watson's life was also revived and restored by God. Superintendent McNeece worked for Mr. W. L. Davis who owned a JC Penney store. he drove for Mr. Davis who had the disease of palsy. Superintendent McNeece, while working for him, prayed for his deliverance of the palsy disease and Mr. Davis lived seven more years without palsy. Superintendent McNeece has certainly been used by God to fulfill Matthew 10:6-8.

Pastoral Guidance
Under Superintendent McNeece's counsel and guidance, many sons and daughters of the gospel were added to the ministry. Today, many sons and daughters of the gospel are Bishops, Evangelists, Missionaries, Pastors, Elders, Ministers and National COGIC Workers. Superintendent McNeece, being raised in the church, participated in every educational aspect of the church including Sunday School, Willing Worker, and YPWW.

Eighty-Plus (80+) Years of Passtoral Ministry
Supt. Charles McNeece founded and established his first church with 29 members in West Point, Texas for five (5). He relocated this church to Waco, Texas and was installed by the State Bishop E.M. Paige to the Plum Texas Church in Plum, Texas.

In his 80+ years of Pastoral ministry preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he has had many Pastoral church appointments. He traveled weekly well over six hundred (600) miles during most of his Pastoral life and pastored a minimum of two (2) churched at a time. Supt. McNeece has been to every major city in the United States preaching the gospel and running revivals for many demoninations.

The Builder
In July 1941, Supt. McNeece came to Austin, Texas where he built the East End Church of God in Christ (1310 Salina Street, Austin, Texas 78702) where many members were added. Evangelist Missionary Lila McNeece, loving and loyal wife, had a vision that God would give her husband a church and he would not have to pay a penny for the church. On June 30, 1995, East End Church of God in Christ burned down and nothing was saved. There was a man sent from God to Supt. McNeece during his time of distress. The two men of God had never met before. Superintendent, a man of much prayer and power realized that this man was sent to "Macedonia" to help him. They knelt in prayer and then the man said "I heard that your church burned down. What can I do to hlep you?" The man began to prophesy to Supt. McNeece and said, "You will build again on this ground . . . God said it." Supt. McNeece received and accepted the prophecy, not having any means to rebuild the church. Many of the brethrens said "give it up", "retire", "you are too old" and "we will not help you." But God had a ram already prepared in the form of Pastor Jim Lilliard, a pastor from Austin, Texas. Pastor Lilliard, his wife Lou Lilliard, and their congregation, House of our Lord Fellowship, came 2 times a week in the evening marching, praying and singing, declaring the building would be built. Pastor Lilliard and congregation also provided assistance to the church in many forms including an organ, chairs, tables, electricians, plumbers, and finance. In addition, Pastor Lilliard made a plea to the Pastors in the City of Austin. Some answered the call, but many didn't. Pastor Lilliard is a many sent from God. Whatever it took to build, Pastor Lilliard and his congregation were there to assist. When the cnurch was completed in 1998, a sign was placed in front of the church like a billboard with the words, "Out of the Flames of Adversity". Being a Godly man, Pastor Lilliamd held a grand gala in honor of Supt. Charles Henry McNeece's 90th birthday.

Superintendent McNeece's son, Pastor Charles W. McNeece, Pastor of Elgin COGIC and Sammie Mackey were the Contractor Superintendents overseeing the rebuilding of the church. After the church was rebuilt in 1998, Supt. Charles McNeece renamed the church to New Beginnings Fellowship according to Nehemiah 2:7. After the church was rebuilt, Supt. McNeece passed the baton to his younger son, Pastor Samuel Lynn McNeece. Bishop Samuel Iglehart appointed, consecrated, and installed Pastor Samuel L. McNeece to the New Beginnings Fellowship. The building was and is still standing and in service for the Lord today because of the Lord and Superintendent McNeece.

Friendships in the Ministry
Supt. McNeece met Bishop S.V. Teague while in a COGIC regular service. At that time, Bishop Teague was a Superintendent living in Washington D.C. Whenever Bishop Teague was in the Austin, Texas area he never had to worry about food or shelter. Bishop was called to run a revival at the East Enc COGIC and a life long friendship developed. Through the fellowship and friendship, Superintendent McNeece eventually encouraged Bishop Teague and his family to move to Austin, Texas. They began to fellowship with many churches and demoninations, attending to the work of the ministry in local churches, district meetings, and convocations. bishop Teague worked under the leadership of Bishop M. G. Grady. Bishop Teague eventually build his ministry in the Austin area named Teague JerUSAlem Temple under the organization United Church of God in Christ in America, Inc. Arch-Bishop (Prophet) S.V. Teague. The Motto: "Way of Holiness".

through the work of Arch-Bishop Teague and the knowledge of the work in the brotherhood that Superintendent McNeece had done over several decaades, Arch Bishop Teague has honored Superintendent as an Honorary Bishop in this organization as Bishop Charles Henry McNeece. Today the fellowship of this brotherhood in Christ continues, and Superintendent fellowships regularly with Arch-Bishop Teague.

Superintendent McNeece was preceded in death by his parents, siblings Alzora McNeece, Esther McNeece, Herod McNeece and Douglas McNeece; first wife Mable Grant McNeece; children, C. W. McNeece, Poitier Sutphen, Leonard McNeede; aunts Irene Williams, Hannah Duncan, Gladys Farmer, Vera Harrison; uncles Alvin Harrison, Jake Harrison, Cecil Harrison, Tella Charles Harrison. He is survived by his wife Lila McNeece; son, Bishop Samuel L. McNeece (wife Yolanda) of West Palm Beach, Florida; daughter Chandra Walker of Austin, Texas; sibling Emma Jane Johnson of El Paso, Texas; many grandchildren, great grandchildren, and a host of nephews, nieces, relatives and many friends.

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