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Dr. Grant  Coffman, Sr.

Memorial for Dr. Grant Coffman, Sr.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas on Oct. 5, 1927
Departed on Dec. 11, 2014 and resided in Austin, TX.
Visitation: Friday, Dec. 19, 2014
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Service: Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014
11:00 am
Cemetery: Evergreen Cemetery
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Grant Deward Coffman, Sr. was born October 5, 1927 in Fort Worth, Texas to Rev. George and Carrie Coffey. He was their first child. Later he became the proud big brother to little sisters Bobbie Jean and Rudolph. (Deceased)

During his youth he was a devilish boy growing up in Dallas. His favorite Uncle Sam Marshall and Aunt Lucy Marshall would visit from Austin during holidays. Upon their leaving they would say good bye to the family. As they were driving back to Austin around Waco little Grant would spring up from the back floor board to surprise them.
Now you know after driving back from Dallas near Waco you are not going to turn around to return to Dallas to deliver a little rascal back to his parents. Aunt Lucy and Uncle Sam would allow him to stay, registering Grant at an elementary school in Georgetown, Texas where they lived.

Grant attended Lincoln High School in Dallas, Texas where he was a Lincoln Tiger for life. He accelerated in academics and sports playing football for the high school team. Just about the time Grant was about to attend college he was drafted into the Army to serve during the tail end years of World War 11. He served 3 years in the U.S. Army as a Master Cook. Touring Japan and being stationed briefly in Okinawa. After receiving an honorable discharge in1948, he attended Bishop College in Marshall, Texas to pursue a degree in Theology. June 14, 1941 Grant was licensed to preach by the State of Texas. On January 25, 1948 Rev. Coffman became an Ordained Minister.

In the early 1950's Grant decided to put his Theology degree to use by seeking better opportunities for himself in Washington, DC. The young Rev. Coffman immediately registered to attend Howard University to take continuing Theology courses and to pursue an under graduate degree in Chemistry. In 1950 Grant became one of the first African American Chemist hired by the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Grant specialized in Endocrinology and wrote several abstracts on Cancer Research in the American Medical Journal along with his Doctor Colleagues. At the N.I.H. Grant wore several hats. He was a Chemist, Laboratory Technician and served on The Equal Opportunity Commission as a Counselor. He was employed by the Health Education and Welfare division of the Federal Government for 33 years before retiring on January 20, 1983. He was a consultant for 2 years in the capacity of a Chemist for N.I.H after retirement.

Rev. Coffman was never one to be satisfied by having just one career. He was driven in the Ministry also. Upon moving to Washington DC he joined Springfield Baptist Church which would have been a mega church by today's standards in the 1950's. Rev. Coffman worked hard and diligently with the church to help shape little boys to become men. He started the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts at Springfield Baptist. He took the young men and boys on trips to New York City, planned camping trips, softball games overnight sleep-ins at the church. He also taught the young men about faith and how to become responsible men in life. There were countless days Rev. Coffman would roll up his sleeves and get in the kitchen with the Sisters of the church and would fry chicken, make potato salad, collard greens, fry fish, prepare chitterlings, bake macaroni and cheese; cakes, sweet potato pies to sell dinners for the building fund he spearheaded. He helped to make magic with the meals they prepared in the basement of the church. The sales would always exceed their financial goals. You could smell the food coming up from the basement you couldn't wait to give them your money.

In 1956 Grant would be introduced to the love of his life through one of his best friends Arthur Johnson who lived in Chicago. Arthur was always playing match maker. Arthur was married to a beautiful lady from Cuba named Laura. Laura had a pretty younger sister named Hazel visiting from Cuba. Arthur arranged for Grant and Hazel to meet before she went back to Cuba. Grant visited Chicago, fell in love with Hazel and sent for her to come back from Cuba. He married her September 23, 1957. They were married for 57 years.

During Grant and Hazel's union in holy matrimony they would produce three loyal sons, Grant Jr., Samuel and Carlos.

In the 1960's Rev. Coffman continued to work at the NIH and Co-Pastored Springfield Baptist Church later becoming their interim Pastor after Rev. Marshal passed during an illness. In 1963 Rev. Coffman became the Assistant Pastor to Rev. Robert Walls of New Macedonia Baptist Church. There he worked effortlessly to build the church's building fund and with the youth. He was also instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement organizing groups to attend the March on Washington and other Civil Rights meetings. He was instrumental in securing Andrew Young (a college friend) to speak to the members of his church during the movement. He was also involved in his neighborhood Association in Seat Pleasant, Maryland also working with young people.

After desegregating a neighborhood in Seat Pleasant, Maryland in the mid 1960's, Rev. Coffman was called to Pastor Carmody Hills Baptist Church. There he worked tirelessly to build the church and to become a well respected meeting place for young people interested in gospel music, learning about the word of God and to find their purpose in life. The church flourished and grew under his leadership. He was recognized by the Prince Georges County Board of Education during the annual graduations of the schools in his community.

During the 1970's and early 1980's Rev. Coffman became a Chaplain for the United States Air Force Civil Air Patrol. There again he worked effortlessly with young men and women who had the desire to become involved in the Air Force Auxiliary. It was like the ROTC. He helped young people receive scholarships to the Air Force Academy and led them on several expeditions in helping during catastrophes around the Washington, DC metropolitan area. There was one young man he made a significant difference in his life as a surrogate father, a mentor and a life coach. This young man would later become an Air Force Academy graduate as an Air Force Pilot, a commercial Pilot for American Air Lines and a Reservist in U.S. Air Force as well as a high ranking Officer; his nephew, Eric Jenkins of Fort Washington, Maryland.

Reverend Coffman was also invited to the White House along with the Counsel of Ministries to meet with President Jimmy Carter. He was also invited to attend President Ronald Regan's Monthly Prayer Breakfast with the Pastors of Washington DC churches.

In the Summer of 1985 Grant and Hazel retired to Austin, Texas. They both became involved in the community. Grant joined Ebenezer Baptist Church where his childhood friend Marvin Griffin was the Pastor. Rev. Coffman was always fascinated with Biblical Education and Ministry Leadership. He always studied the Bible and took courses to earn advance degrees in Theology. One of his favorite courses was Systematic Theology. Rev. Coffman began to collect text books and to compile information on Theological Studies. He built an extensive library in his home office study which he loved. Rev. Coffman was so proud of the information he collected and learned in Theology that he founded and organized a Theological Seminary in Austin. With the help of several ministers and his Pastor at the time Rev. Raphael Smith of Mount Olive Baptist Church. In 1997, The Mount Olive Bible Institute was founded. There Rev. Coffman worked tirelessly developing a curriculum for the students and successfully had the school accredited recognizing it as a Theological Seminary by the State of Texas. The school has graduated many young men and women to become equipped to conduct them selves as Ministers spreading the word of God. They can also effectively lead their churches as highly skilled Pastors through the legacy he leaves behind. From the inception of the school Rev. Coffman was the President and Instructor until he became ill September of 2010. He also was a Precinct Voting Judge for the Carver Branch District of Travis County, Texas until he became hospitalized.

The last four years of his life, Rev. Coffman was still an inspiration to everyone he met. As he resided at Cornerstone Hospital Group his beautiful smile infected the many nurses, doctors, nursing assistants, respiratory therapists engineers, laboratory workers, dietary technicians, administrators even the Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital with love. He was not known as Rev. Coffman to them he was Mr. C., Dad, Daddy or Gramps.
His quality of life may have diminished physically but the staff at CHG kept him upbeat spiritually. He was like a cat of many lives. He just kept bouncing back one complication after another. That was attributed to his strong faith in God.

The final days of his life he kept fighting as a former veteran of WWII, U.S. Air force Civil Air Patrol Chaplain as a Chemist, as a Mason, as a Lion as a Loving Husband, Father and Minister of the Gospel he kept up the fight wearing an armored jacket of undefeatable faith. God called him home to Glory on Thursday December 11, 2014.

Rev. Grant D. Coffman, Sr. leaves behind his beautiful wife of 57 glorious years of marriage Hazel, three sons; Grant, Jr. Samuel and Carlos, two sisters Bobbie and Rudolph (Deceased) 9 nieces, 7 nephews, brother in law Roberto, 2 sisters in law, Olga and Clara, nieces, nephews, as well as a host of grand nephews and grand nieces. An honorable mention to his Nephew Adolphus Ray Tate and adopted son Alex Brown who loved him dearly and was with him to the end of his journey. Rev. Coffman also left a host of friends who were like close extended family members, Lucy, LaMonica, Mickey, Jimmy, Irma, Brother Morris, Rev. Odems, Debe, Theresa, June, Rev. Carter, Rev. Chase, Ron Means, Buster, Essence, Aimee, Candace, Marcus, Renee, Rosalyn, St. David's, Seton and especially Cornerstone Hospital staff we thank you for your faithful support. Courtney, Zoë, Essence, Grant, Julian and Jamal you were the Grandkids he longed to have enjoyed.

Services entrusted to A Life Celebration by Franklin, Taylor, Texas.

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